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The collections of the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints, the result of the collecting activity of such distinguished personalities as the writer and critic Raimon Casellas, make it possible for us to observe some of the most representative artistic movements of Catalan art and the work of artists as canonical as Marià Fortuny or Ramon Casas, a large number of whose works it conserves. Along with these great draughtsmen, the collection of modern art posters, built up thanks to the efforts of Lluís Plandiura and the Modernista artist Alexandre de Riquer, is outstanding as a patrimonial series of works of great artistic value. A broad view of the early days of the advertising poster, the most singular aspect of the collection is the large number of works by American poster artists.

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The MNAC has enabled access to the sign-guides of its 35 masterpieces through its collections website, with the collaboration of Fundación Orange.


Digitalisation of the graphic work of Marià Fortuny

Thanks to the support of Fundación Telefónica, who have digitalised 2,400 drawings and prints by Marià Fortuny kept in the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya can now present to the public all the work by this artist housed in the Museum. You can begin your virtual visit browsing the side menu or using the advanced search. If you want, you can also read the text by Francesc Quílez, head of the Cabinet, written to accompany this publication of Fortuny's graphic works.
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What are the Online Collections?

The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya houses the world's most important collection of Catalan art. Now, thanks to support from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade's Plan Avanza, its collections are being made available online too. You can begin your virtual visit exploring the Masterpieces, browsing the side menu or using the advanced search.

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